Pantech BTR910B Standard Battery - New

Pantech BTR910B Standard Battery - New
Pantech BTR910B Standard Battery - New
Brand: Pantech
Product Code: BTR910B
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Pantech batteries provide extensive talk and standby times, are light weight, and use battery technology. Unless you are need of a paper weight even the most advanced phone is useless without power.

Keep your phone working at optimum performance levels at all times. Just pop the Pantech Battery in your pocket or bag and you’re good to go that extra mile, chatting with your friends, at work, or on the road.

Full battery performance is achieved only after 2-3 charging and discharging cycles have been completed. It is recommended to fully drain and fully charge the battery especially during the first 3 charging and discharging cycles, doing so may greatly improve the overall life of the battery.


  • Condition:- New
  • Brand:- Pantech
  • Color:- White
  • mAh:- 1680
  • Voltage:- 3.7v
  • Compatibility:- Pantech Marauder
  • High Quality and Powerful
  • Assure Quality and value


  • 4 x 2 x 1 (inches)
  • Weight:- 1 lbs